Sweetie was a hit at the Cable Natural History Museum! The kids were engaged from the start with tasting salt or blowing bubbles. Salt Monster did a great job explaining how salt is made, too. Well-organized activities with just the right amount of chaos provided opportunities for kids to construct their own learning, and most importantly, to have FUN! (By the way, the adults in the room had just as much or more fun than the kids!)

Emily Stone
Naturalist/Curator, Cable Natural History Museum, Cable, Wisconsin


Bring Sweetie’s Yumhouse Kitchen to your School, Festival, or Party. Thirty minute interactive delicious performance catered to your small or large venues alike. Smaller parties include snacks that are made by participants. Sweetie’s home is the San Francisco Bay Area. (Travel costs added for Peninsula, Marin and beyond).

E-mail us with date, time, location of event, number of attendees. We’ll send you an estimate back within 48 hours.

Sweetie came to my 6th grade science class and taught scientific concepts through baking. My students were excited and engaged as Sweetie reinforced science concepts such as heat transfer, base and acid chemical reactions, weight and volume measures, and more. The students were baking while learning, and this was a situation where they could have their cake and eat it too!  I can see how this can be an awesome kids party, that also has an educational side-benefit.

—Betty Momjian (science teacher, A.P. Giannini Middle School, San Francisco)